Friday, February 25, 2011

Pop Punk: Paramore, New Found Glory, Sum 41 & more.. - UK

Like the title suggests... ^_^


conditions (9)

conditions (7)

conditions (5)
I like the variety of "hair" here ;p

New Found Glory:

new found glory (1)

new found glory (4)

new found glory (21)
Lucky shot :D

new found glory (22)
I think I waz da only hijabi there! lolz!


..those shoez were a gift. (not that you care, you wanna see da Paramore!)

paramore (1)
the crowd :D

Paramore (41)
I hate it when a "hand" takez da focus! lolz!

it got kinda crazy so I moved to da side..

paramore (23)

paramore (30)
(digital-zoom, that's why it's not clear..)

paramore (32)

paramore (35)

Paramore. (6)
I got a teeee ;p (I gave it to ma lil bro when I moved back home..)

Paramore. (1)
Sheehab got a diet coke ;p

Sound And Fury

sound and fury (2)

sound and fury (3)
me :P (I like burned exposurez, they get rid of any unwanted detailz.. know what I'm sayin?)

sound and fury (4)

sound and fury (5)
I'd like to think that if I waz usin a proper camera, this would have been a perfect-noise free shot ;p (the lightz were good)

sound and fury

Sum 41

sum 41
the crowd :D

sum41 (2)

sum41 (3)
again, wrong focus point ;p but I like it :D funny how "mistakez" are usually good! lolz!

sum41 (4)

sum41 (5)

sum41 (8)

sum41 (9)

sum41 (10)

sum41 (17)
..thrown to da front! lolz!

sum41 (18)

sum41 (22)
I want their job! (me serious!)

sum41 (23)

sum41 (58)
pullin an Elvis..

sum41 (81)

sum41 (95)
The crowd again..

Twin Atlantic

Twin Atlantic (2)

Twin Atlantic (5)
good stuff!

Twin Atlantic

Twin Atlantic (1)


Rooney (4)

Rooney (6)
red eyez XD (why fix it when itz awesome?)

Rooney (8)

That's all for now, my next postz will be "Metal" and then "POP" :P


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