Sunday, December 12, 2010

Khan Al-Khalili - Egypt (2008)

If you're ever in Cairo, you MUST visit Khan el-Khalili market (and have Egypt's kick-ass fresh mango juice).. seriously, I love this place! Everyone is so nice and they don't even care to rip you off like every other tourist place in Egypt! Maybe that's because they get SO MANY tourist and you not buying it jus doesn't matter, another fool will :P Ok, I shouldn't say "fool", that's just rude.. And if you really think about it, you paying 100EGP for something Egyptians would pay 10EGP isn't really that bad because where you come from, your currency is worth 10x the Egyptian Pound (if not more)!
Ok, I'm so off the topic here ;p BACK TO THE PHOTOBLOG: I took these picturez summer 2008, a month after getting my Samsung GX20, I didn't know how to use it back then but I was happy with the results. I still think these pictures are alright, and this could be my only "unedited" patch of photos ;p Enjoy ^_^

P.S. I'm goin to Cairo for new year, so might visit the place again for more pictures (and mango juice). Will probably update this post then..

street life
The market night time..

shop 1
I never get bored of lookin at these thingz XD

shop 5
I wish I had "pharaohy" blood in me! now that's something I'd be proud of! (ok they were evil, but they were also smart!). I'm half Egyptian but maybe Egyptian half (mum) is originally half Turkish half Albanian!

shop 4
This shot could have been better..

shop 3

shop 2

Antique shop
I think this is an antique shop. Either that or it waz jus kewl!

Heads :P
Same shop..

Same shop; I bring you light

paintings 2
Same Shop..

Same shop..

This is the "Hussain Mosque". Some believe part of Al Hussain is buried there, others believe it is buried somewhere in Iraq (I think). I don't know. I don't care (we all deserve a good burial, but no man is God).
ANYWAYS, It's a nice mosque. I failed to get a good capture of it, maybe next holiday :-)

Al-hussain 2
This is inside the mosque, assuming Al Hussain lies here.
P.S. Al Hussain is a great Islamic figure. Some are very dramatic about his death (the way he died). He was a good man, but he wasn't the first nor will he be the last to dye that way! (Plus, death is part of life! right? I just don't get what the fuss is about! lolz). right.. MOVING ON.. ( get carried away easily! lolz!)

Hunny Was Here


  1. Well Hunny, if you don't know, then educate yourself about Al Hussein, who he was and what all happened in Karbala, find out what Prophet Mohammed had said about his grand son. So much so, India being a predominately a Hindu country has made Ashoora a public holiday ever since becoming a republic, in respect for Al Hussein.

    Not a lol matter at all.

  2. lolz! Don't get all sensitive on me bro! Different people think different. And I “lol” because I’m indifferent about it!
    And dude, great respect to el Hassan & el Hussain. I assure you I am aware of what happened. But I also know that was not the only brutal thing that has ever happened to a human being.
    Another thing is, I believe whatever bad happens is actually good, otherwise God wouldn't allow it, Hussain and every other person that suffered are in a better place now being rewarded for their good deeds. It's a fact, what goes around comes around.
    If you don’t agree, it’s ok. It’s your right. But acknowledge the fact that I too have the right to think whatever way I want.. I’m not here to convince you or anyone else with my own views.

    P.S. I would think Ashoora is probably a public holiday in India because the actions of some people prevent others from preceding their normal life that day.

  3. Really I'm not being sensitive, with due respect to you, I am so surprised how insensitive you are being about this.. and how can you laugh at something and say you have respect too.. that's a contradiction.

    Well this subject is too deep to discuss here but let me say a few things; it is not just about Al Hussein, all his sons, his brothers, and his companions were all brutally massacred and the surviving women and children were taken prisoners, the women stripped off their veils and their clothes shredded by swords were paraded from city to city right up to Yazid's palace in Damascus, along with severed heads of all of the men on spearheads. Is that how family of the Holy Prophet be treated?

    You say you don't get what the fuzz is all about, well this IS what the fuzz all about, and I haven't even touched the tip of the iceberg. I guess I'll leave it at that.

  4. Yes terrible thingz happened. terrible things happen. I'm sorry I still don't see what the fuss is about.
    No good comez from bringin it up.
    That's just my opinion! might change tomorrow, I don't know. But for now I'll just carry on sticking to my state of mind.